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December 1
7:30-9:50 a.m.

Al Curnow

High Performing Cultures: Transforming Individuals and Organizations





About Us — Who We Are

The Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island is where progressive chief executives of multi-million and billion dollar companies gather regularly to expand their perspective, stay current on the latest thinking and learn from each other and acclaimed thought leaders in a safe, intimate, no-sell environment.

Why do busy chief executives of large companies take the time to regularly participate?

We offer ten short, value-packed meetings per year that keep chief executives current.

Our members receive the books of top business thought leaders (our speakers) 3 to 5 weeks before each meeting. The book comes with a note on how to quickly retrieve the key learnings if unable to read the book.

Members may send their COO, CFO, etc. when they can not attend.

Participation never adds to-dos to a Member's work-load.

Unlike conferences, members do not need to dedicate significant time or fly to another city to receive innovative leadership thinking.

Members interact with acclaimed thought leaders in an intimate local setting.

Members engage in roundtable discussions with peers and receive critical, unbiased feedback on the issues and opportunities they face.

It is this unique combination of global insight, idea generation, and peer sharing in a concentrated format that appeals to the progressive chief executives—members of the Chief Executives Club.

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Chief executives of 
multi-million and billion dollar corporations
sharing challenges and 
solutions in a safe and 
intimate setting


A peer network of 
independent thinking 
partners — seasoned 
chief executives who 
are available to provide 
objective feedback


Top thought-leaders, 
issue-focused round-
table discussions, 
tough questions, 
valuable insights


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