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December 1
7:30-9:50 a.m.

Al Curnow

High Performing Cultures: Transforming Individuals and Organizations






Membership Benefits

For the progressive chief executives who is committed to continually improving their leadership skills

Learning is not compulsory—neither is survival. —W. Edward Deming

The Chief Executives Club is the most time-efficient, cost-effective forum for progressive chief executives who want to stay current, hone their competitive edge, and maintain optimum effectiveness.


Membership is restricted to the Chief Executives of multi-million and billion dollar organizations from a variety of industries.


Ten thought-provoking meetings per year:

 Nationally renowned business authors and thought leaders present their research and latest thinking on a variety of vital leadership topics and then participate in a facilitated discussion with members and guests.

 Roundtable discussions follow the speaker’s presentation. Members and guests discuss the speaker’s topic, talk openly about the challenges they are facing, and share their collective insights.


Unbiased input—independent thinking partners—peers willing to be a sounding board on critically important issues and decisions.

Maximum Value / Minimum Time:

 7:30 to 9:50 breakfast meetings send members back to work reinvigorated with fresh insights they can act on immediately.

 A complimentary copy of the guest speaker's book is delivered 3-5 weeks before the meeting with at note on how best to quickly scan it.

 A member's COO, CFO, etc. may attend when the member can not.

Benefits     Qualifications     Principles     Application


Chief executives of 
multi-million and billion dollar corporations
sharing challenges and 
solutions in a safe and 
intimate setting


A peer network of 
independent thinking 
partners — seasoned 
chief executives who 
are available to provide 
objective feedback


Top thought-leaders, 
issue-focused round-
table discussions, 
tough questions, 
valuable insights


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